Joe Caldeira, Jr.

Meadowbrook Industries, LLC

500 Atkins Avenue Neptune, NJ 07753
Phone: 732.774.0404
Fax: 732.774.2604

Meadowbrook Industries is a Full Service Solid Waste Collection and Recycling Company providing service to satisfied customers throughout the State of New Jersey. We have serviced Ocean and Monmouth County customers since 1962 and what differentiates us from our competitors is our Passion to provide our Customers with the BEST possible Service at a fair and reasonable price. What we offer to you, our potential customer, is the dedication and promise that we will do everything in our power to maximize your recycling potential while at the same time giving you the Right Size Solid Waste Service to minimize your overall monthly costs. We will constantly monitor your progress and ensure that we work together as a team to optimize our Partnership Experience.